North Shore Blvd

Below is a brief list of some of the places North Shore Blvd has played

Burlington's Sound of Music

Burlington's Canada Day Festival

BlkSwan (Oakville)

Ajax Rib Fest 

Boston Manor

Doc's Place Reunion

Lobsterfest (Guelph)

Windjammer by the Lake

Pluckers Wings and Crab Shack

Ned Devine's (Milton)

Innsville (Winona)

Milton Boomfest

Mohawk Racetrack

The Pipes and Taps (Oakville)

The Pump and Patio (Oakville)

Wookstock Rib Festival

Army, Navy Air Force Club (Mississauga)

Milton Street Festival

Gator Ted's

Oh Canada Rib Fest (Waterdown)

Halton Navel Veteran's Association

Fionn McCool's (Oakville and Burlington)

Lakeshore Rib Fest - Fort York (Toronto)

Abbey Road Pub (Mississauga) 

Niblicks Pub (Oakville)

The Slye Fox

Mac and Cheese Festival (Milton)

Pier 53

Various Legions

Numerous private events

The Band

The core members of North Shore Blvd have been playing together for over 14 years in various bands playing hundreds of gigs, which is a testament to their popularity with audiences and making them a very tight unit.  

In 2014, when North Shore Blvd was formed it was decided to make a clean break with the past and develop a whole new approach to live music with a new more modern and diverse sound, but still playing the fabulous mix of music that they were known for.   The music of North Shore Blvd can not be defined by genre or era, but is a mix of great songs from all eras of rock 'n roll that members of the band love and, apparently, audiences love to.  The span of sounds cover everything from classic rock to new country with current hits and a few jazzy  tunes.    

Probably no other band in the world will put Adele and Lady Gaga along with the Beatles and Van Morrison, and everything in between, in one set list. 


Morghan Leigh is our  vocalist.  She was trained in opera and started her musical career singing jazz and choral. She first came to our attention in a folk group but quickly adapted to rock and current hits. She has an extremely broad range and you can hear the opera training when she hits those impossibly high notes.

Phil Ronald has been playing guitar since the 1960s including a brief stint in the local psychedelic band Marshmallow Jungle.  With close to 50 years of experience Phil can lay down searing leads all night.  He is also primarily responsible for most of the bands arrangements. 

John Quinn has been playing drums almost as long as he has been alive.  An alumnus of the Burlington Teen Tour Band, John has played in bands covering just about every musical genre available, but his true calling is rock.  John also provides North Shore Blvd. with additional background vocals.

Kim Boydell, our bass player was also a member of Marshmallow Jungle and after some 27 years in Ottawa is back in Burlington re-establishing his musical credentials with his old band mate from the 60's, Phil Ronald.  Locally, Kim also played with the Hamilton-based blues band Common Ground.  He is also involved in local theatre where he does sound design and other backstage work.