North Shore Blvd

Up coming shows: Black Swan Oakville Halloween October 29.... Black Swan Oakville November 26
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The pictures on the left are us rehearsing before we hit the stages of bars, pubs and festivals this autumn.

The Band

North Shore Blvd features Ms. Morghan Leigh, one of Ontario's top female singers.  Trained in jazz, choral and opera, Morghan  has no problem tackling the sweet sounds of Sara Bareilles, the edge of Adele, or the soaring vocals of Tina Turner or any of the current female hit-makers.  But she is not limited to material performed by women as her range lets her take on the music usually performed by male vocalists.  

Morghan is backed by veteran  musicians with all having hundreds of gigs under their belt and most having over 50 years of musical experience.  Drums, bass and guitar have been together over 17 years making them a very tight unit, whereas keyboard is relatively new to the band but has been playing since the 1970s as a solo artist and in various rock bands.  

Members of North Shore Blvd have played in just about every venue within the St. Catherine's, Mississauga, Guelph triangle over the last seventeen years. 

So welcome to our site.

The Music 

The music of North Shore Blvd can not be defined by genre or era.  Our music has been described as pop rock, but it is so much more than that.  We see it is as a sophisticated mix aimed at the 25+ crowd.  Our music includes classic rock, new country and current hits.  We select our songs based on the belief that a good song is a good song regardless of genre. And our audiences agree.  If any tune doesn't have people dancing, singing or toe-tapping, it leaves the set list. Our goal is to play music that keeps our audience happy and have them staying to hear more.  

With hundreds songs in our repertoire we can tune our set list to cover any situation whether it be weddings, Legions, corporate events or clubs.

Charitable Causes

North Shore Blvd had the honour to host the Annual Rock 'n Blues for Children's Causes over its 9 years existence.  Close to $20,000 was raised for McMaster Children's Hospital (Mac Kids) and other children's charities.  Organizing and participating in these types of charitable events is our way of supporting our community and recognizing that we are very lucky to be able to do what we love.

The picture above is us on stage during the 2016 event.


Oct. 29, Friday, 8:30 pm
We are at the Black Swan Oakville for a Halloween Gig.  Wear your costume or come as you are for a great time.  The Back Swan is located at 3420 Rebecca St. on the corner of Great Lakes Blvd (New St. becomes Rebecca St in Oakville) 
Nov. 26, Friday, 8:30 pm
We are back at the Black Swan Oakville for a return engagement.  The Back Swan is located at 3420 Rebecca St. on the corner of Great Lakes Blvd (New St. becomes Rebecca St. in Oakville) See you there.